Lake Maggiore

Lake Maggiore’s Costa Fiorita, the most verdant and natural part, is entirely cyclable on level and hilly routes suitable for everyone. There is a great deal to see en route, both exceptional natural features such as nature reserves, peat marshes and glacial erratics, and incredible historical sites such as Rocca di Angera fortress watching over the whole of the lower Verbano valley and Eremo di Santa Caterina perched high above the valley on the Leggiuno rock face. The coast offers a great many beaches accessible on a bike and a number of cycle tracks linking up with the rest of the province. Beyond Lake Maggiore the area also comprises Lake Comabbio – which you can cycle right around on a 12-km-long cycle track which is one of Varese province’s most attractive and characteristic – and Lake Monate As well as its prehistoric stilt-house settlement findings, this latter’s importance encompasses the cleanness of its waters, some of Italy’s most pristine lake waters. Panoramas ranging over the Alps are the backdrop to an area you will never forget.

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