The Olona Valley

A valley carved out by the glaciers that produced Lake Lugano which stretches as far as the town of Castellanza, the gateway to Milan. With a grand total of six nature parks all under the aegis of Parco Pineta, it encompasses a wealth of nature and history sites. Forests and lakes are the backdrop to some of the Varese area’s most important historical sites. The most important of these is the Castelseprio Archaeology Park and Monastero di Torba, UNESCO sites marking the history of the Lombards in Italy. Castiglione Olona, referred to as a Tuscan island in the midst of Lombardy, is a hill top town perched atop a splendid hill in Parco Rile, Tenore, Olona at a strategic point on the Via Francisca del Lucomagno. A cycle track, part of which was built on the historic Valmorea railway line, cuts across the valley linking up a great many other cycle routes which give cyclists a feel for the area’s historical and natural importance.

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