From the forest to the lake – Ring of enchantment between Tinella and Valle Luna

Easy difficulty


0-2 hour


10-20 Km

100-500 m

The route will lead us from the Campo dei Fiori Forest to Lake Varese and vice versa, through the natural landscape and architectural beauties of the Casciago area and its surroundings.
Starting from path 10 we descend along the route which, crossing the towns of Casciago and Morosolo, continues until it connects with the path that leads to the Tinella stream, where, from the natural bridge called “Ponte del Diavolo”, we can admire the suggestive waterfalls
You continue to descend along the path that runs alongside the Tinella, passing next to the former Rusconi quarry until you cross the stream at Groppello and then continue along the Lake Varese cycle path.
Once arrive in Calcinate del Pesce, you begin the ascent that leads to the enchanting landscape of the village of Mustonate and then continue along the naturalistic territory of Casciago where you can admire the church of Sant’ Eusebio; then go up towards the center of village to visit the Villa Castelbarco, seat of the municipality, and finally return to the starting point on path 10.

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