The Muflon Enduro

Difficult difficulty


2-4 hours


30-50 Km

1000+ m

From the Valcuvia valley the route climbs up on asphalt roads in the direction of Arcumeggia, a characteristic ‘painted’ village featuring many frescoes. After the village the route continues on the old military gravel road in the direction of Monte S. Martino,
constantly but never too steeply uphill, to a crossroads of footpaths from which climbing up to Mount Colonna is an option for marvellous views taking in Lake Maggiore, Mount Rosa, Lake Lugano, Alpi Lepontine and Monviso.
After enjoying this view the next section is downhill on the same path, which then turns into a fun flow trail through beech woods.
The descent then continues on an attractive flow trail named L’Aves which continues all the way to the exquisite Alpe di Duno meadows and its thirty or so pasture huts.
It then continues on the Duno-S.Martino road to Valalta, where you catch a glimpse of the Cadorna Line fortifications.
From Valalta square the route continues on the S.Mart Trail with technical sections requiring good cycling skills to the valley at Cantevria.
Parts of the descent are challenging with the right hand trail (Lalaida and Madville) much more of a flow trail whilst the left hand trail (Namo) is for expert riders only with some extremely high adrenalin sections.
Once in Cantevria a return option is the valley cycle track.

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